100% Veggie Juice In Hong Kong

100% Veggie Juice In Hong Kong


Ultimately, you want to aim to drink more vegetable juices for its highly cleansing and healing properties that are effective for reversing many ailments and … melting away toxic fats.

What Is Chlorophyll?

When you hear the word “chlorophyll“, you may remember this word from Biology in school. To some of you, the word may mean almost nothing, other than the green thing in plants.
Yes, it is “the green thing” in plants, the phytochemical that makes plants green. But, it is also a very important proteinous compound that acts as our internal healer, cleanser, antiseptic, cell stimulator, rejuvenator and red blood cell builder, just as it is the “lifeblood” of the plant.

Chlorophyll is a green photosynthetic pigment found in abundance in leaves of plants (vegetables). It absorbs sunlight and changes it into chemical energy for the plant.

Studies have shown that chlorophyll molecule is remarkably similar to hemoglobin in human blood, the substance that carries oxygen in our body. Except that our hemoglobin has an iron element in the center of the structure and chlorophyll has a magnesium element (see picture below). Experiments have shown that our body is able to convert chlorophyll into hemoglobin, thereby enriching the blood.

The Health Benefits of ChlorophyLl

The power of sunshine in chlorophyll is wonderfully cleansing in the body. The greener the leaves, the more concentrated the amount of chlorophyll.

The reported health benefits from chlorophyll consumption are just too many. Taken consistently in sufficient amounts, here are some of the powerful remedial effects of this amazing substance:

  • Increases blood count
  • Detoxifies and cleansing
  • Alleviates blood sugar problems
  • Reduces or eliminates body odors
  • Relieves gastric ulcers
  • Greatly relieves respiratory troubles like asthma and sinuses
  • Kills bacteria in wounds and speeds up healing
  • Reduces inflammation pain
  • Improves bowel functions
  • Improves milk production in lactating mothers
  • Soothes painful hemorrhoids
  • Melt away toxic fats

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